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National front demands release of political prisoners

This is a shortened form of the resolution introduced by Iran National Front-USA, approved by many Iranians and Americans in the gatherings held by INF-USA in NewYork (5/5/00), Boston(5/6/00) and Chicago(5/14/00):

1.We condemn the latest attempt of coup-d'etat against the the pro Democracy movement,Election and the press (namely closing the 18 pro-reform newspapers in Iran, arresting the editors , writers and publishers of this press). We demand free press and the release of the arrested journalists.

2.We urge the release of hundreds of students, men and women in jail.

We demand the urgent release of :

Khosro Seif ( 70 years old),Bahram Namazi and Farzin Mokhber, leaders of the Nation party. In addition, we demand the urgent release of Mr. Amirentezam of the National Movement of Iran(the former Islamic republic government spokesman)already in jail for the past twenty years.

Participant of Berlin Conference : Ms. Mehrangiz Kar, attorney at law and political activist, Ms. Shahla Lahiji, publisher and human rights activist , and Mr. Akbar Ganji , a writer who disclosed the atrocities of Iran Islamic republic men in power in his books and Mr. Afshari , University student leader who are in Jail for expressing their opinion among hundreds of others who are in jail for protesting dictatorial rule in Iran.

We demand the release of ALL the political prisoners

3.We are deeply concerned about the safety of the political prisoners and we demand international observers to monitor Islamic Republic prisons and courts especially the trial of 13 Iranian Jews, who are on trial without legal representation and world observers .We condemn the oppression of Islamic Repulic rule upon religious minorities.

4.We caution the international community and all world governments not to deal with Iran before the opening of the sixth parliament .

We urgently demand the opening of the 6th parliament the majority of whom are reformers. The creation of this parliament was and must remain a great victory for the nation .


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