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Iranian opposition groups back gay rights

News from HOMAN

There are still many Iranian political groups/parties, in particular centre and conservative, who refuse to talk about gay rights in Iran. However we have some good news and would like to share it with you.

1- Iran's Green Party has announced its support for homosexual rights. The party has a section on its Internet page called "gay news " where you can read some interesting news about Iranian homosexuals.

2- Rahe Kargar an Iranian socialist group in exile has changed its constitution in favour of homosexual rights. It came since Babak a member of the group published an article, " To defeat homophobia , support sexual orientation". It is the first time in Iran's history that an Iranian political group openly accept gay rights. An interview with Rahe Kargar will be published in Homan Magazine's coming issue.

3- Iranian workers communist party has sent an official invitation to HOMAN to participate in its congress. Due to short notice we could not send any represent. However this party has in recent years taken a very positive attitude towards homosexual rights.

4- Recently, Union of people's Fedaian on Iran (Etahade fedaiane Khalgh) has had its 4th congress. In one of the congress document ( No.5 - Who we are- what we want), they suggest equal rights for homo and heterosexual in Iran.

5- Shahrzad, a Persian publication in Germany has in its 4th issue ( Nov.2000) published an erotic homosexual story " Entezar" . In the story a well endowed gay author telling his experience of meeting a well endowed gay man in the street and the sex joy they have had with each other afterwards. It is a new trend in Iranian publications to make homosexuality more visible and we hope it will continue.

6- The Persian section of radio France, which has listeners in and outside Iran has sent some reportage from Gay Olympic Games.

All these groups are against the Islamic regime in Iran and working in exile.

All the best

HOMAN "webmaster"


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