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Iranians favor better ties with the U.S.

Washington DC, 28 November 2000 (Iranians for International Cooperation) -- Iranians for International Cooperation (IIC) welcomes a major national opinion survey conducted by the Foreign Policy Association of New York, a nonpartisan, national organization dedicated to informing Americans about foreign policy issues. The poll reveals that a vast majority of Americans are ready to normalize relations with Iran.

Of the 28,028 ballots received from individuals in every state of the nation who participated in the Great Decisions study and discussion program, a total of 64 percent believed the U.S. should lift sanctions on Iran before all U.S. conditions are met. 73 percent argued that U.S. companies should be permitted to do business with Iran and 89 percent believed the U.S. should increase its efforts to normalize relations with Iran.

A similar poll conducted by Iran's Culture Ministry showed that of the 1,800 Tehrani participants, 55,7 percent wanted the restoration of full diplomatic ties with the United States whereas only 29.7 percent opposed such an idea. Furthermore, only 8.1 percent of the participants in the poll perceived the United States as an enemy. The Iranian poll also showed that efforts to isolate Iran do not go down well with ordinary Iranians in Iran. Iranians want to break out of their isolation, and not increase it.

IIC believes that both the U.S. and Iran must heed to the views of its people and take concrete steps to implement their wishes.

Copies of the National Opinion Ballot Report may be obtained from the Foreign Policy Association,


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