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Get involved: Iranian-Americans in New York

This is an open invitation to Iranians (anyone, really) who lives in the Nork York City area who would be interested in working on a creative collaborative project focusing on some cultural aspects of the Iranian-American experience.

I want to hear from all kinds of people, the more ideas the better, funny people, intellectual people, sarcastic people, funny people. FUNNY YOUNG PEOPLE. like me.

I am 22, in my first year of teaching, not affiliated with anything or anyone, just interested in doing something cool with like-minded people. Let's put our experiences in our Own words and give birth to something awesome and unprecedented.

The goal of this project is to write, act out, and film/record facets of the Iranian experience in the US. If you are smart, funny, creative, uninhibited, and willing to get together At Least twice a month, get a hold of me. If you are all that AND you have a camcorder, definitely get at me!

I already have some ideas, but i would like to have some people to do this with. Also, it would be very cool to bring together some like-minded people in New York through doing creative projects, we can all go out afterwards and have a drink or two.

If this sounds like something you'd like to be a part of please respond as soon as possible, so we can give this a serious effort. It's time for some young voices among us to be heard. I hope that there is more than just engineers, businessmen, and tight ass professionals in our midst.

Roozbeh Shirazi


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