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Italy to increase insurance cover for Iran

TEHRAN, Oct 10 Asia Pulse - Italian Deputy Foreign Minister Ugo Intini announced here that he would strive to increase insurance cover for Iran, reasoning that with the growth in bilateral economic cooperation the insurance ceiling cannot remain unchanged.

In a meeting with the Mines and Metals Minister Eshaq Jahangiri on the sidelines of the 26th Tehran International Trade Fair on Saturday, he stressed the need for using other initiatives such as Iran's export of such products as copper and aluminum in exchange for the goods it imports from Italy.

He said small and medium-sized institutions and industries engaged in commerce and industry served as economic pillars of Italy and can have fruitful economic cooperation with Iran. He added that big multinational companies in Italy differ from similar institutions in the U.S. or the U.K. and can be good partners for Iran in the commercial and economic fields.

An example of such companies is Telecom Co., said the Italian official, adding that directors of the company are now holding talks with officials of Iran's Telecommunications Company.

He hoped that Italian officials, including President of the Chamber of Representatives, Prime Minister and President of Italy, will visit Iran next month and in 2001, marking the Year of Dialog Among Civilizations.

Jahangiri said that Iran had delegated Iran-Italy Chamber of Commerce to look into cooperation between the small industries of the two countries.

Italy, however, has not named its representative yet, said the Iranian minister. Agreements for customs cooperation have been drawn up and the Iranian side awaits the views of the Italian party in this connection.


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