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Man satirical play

Man, the satiracle, farsical (in Farsi ;-), one-man show, has arrived! How about you...are you going? THIS SATURDAY, OCTOBER 21, at 8:00 pm (so try to show up at 7:30 ;-) in Falls Church High School 7521 Jaguar Trail, Falls Church, Virginia Phone: 301 251 1578 email:

Have you thought about (or laughed about) where you stand as an Iranian or Iranian- American, or American-Iranian, etc. in this society, in your community, in relation to your job and friends? Come experience a satirical look at where Amoo Hossein is standing.... In Hossein Sorurie's fascinating, sometimes funny, sometimes shocking play: WWW

THE TOP TEN reasons to come see: WWW

9) GolamYouPiercedWHAT?!.com
8) IworeKurdishwhenKurdishwasn'
7) MammanWhat'
3) SevenYearSeerTurshi.bou
2) Mom-Idon'

In support of good and worthy theater, I do hope to see you all there...And pass this on--let the world know!

Ba Ejazeh,
Daisy and Arash (D&A)


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