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Iranian Rogue Carrier Blocks U.S.-Based National Iranian TV Transmission

SOURCE National Iranian Television

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- GlobeCast, a French-based satellite transmission company, confirmed today in a letter to U.S.-based National Iranian TV (NITV) that a rogue carrier, originating from Iran or a country close to Iran, has blocked its transmission all over Europe and the Middle East.

Los Angeles-based NITV independently operates a 24-hour a day satellite TV station that reports Iranian culture and world news. Not affiliated with any political or governmental organization, NITV's purpose is to culturally unite Iranian expatriates. The station reaches an estimated sixty million viewers worldwide, including several million in Iran. NITV satellite programming has been off the air since Oct. 1.

GlobeCast confirmed satellite transmission problems on Oct. 1 stating that they noticed a rogue carrier on transponder 156 beginning at 11:40 GMT. Eutelsat, one of Europe's leading satellite operators, also confirmed the presence of a rogue carrier. The rogue carrier stopped, according to GlobeCast, once Eutelsat ordered GlobeCast to cease transmitting NITV programming at 15:59 GMT.

According to GlobeCast, they resumed transmitting NITV programming on Oct. 2 at 13:10 GMT only to be interrupted again by a rogue carrier who began interference at 14:02 GMT. Again at Eutelsat request, GlobeCast ceased transmission of NITV programming at 14:45 GMT. The rogue carrier reportedly disappeared at 14:47 GMT.

GlobeCast said they have filed an official complaint with Eutelsat and stated, "At this stage it appears that the rogue carrier originated from Iran or a country close to Iran."

"We are very upset that our programming has been taken off the air for no apparent reason," said Zia Atabay, CEO and NITV founder. "I am appealing to media all over the world to assist me in finding out why this happened and to put an immediate stop to it. My family and I moved to this country to be free. Why should the Iranian government, if they are behind this, have power over my small television station in the United States of America?"

According to Atabay, NITV has received hundreds of thousands of calls from viewers all over the world who want the station to resume broadcasting.

"My dream was to create a medium that unites the Iranians within the United States and around the world so that we may share the culture we have here with other members of our community," said Atabay. "So many times people get caught up in the political aspects that they forget about the wonderful culture we share. With NITV, we are building a bridge to unify, celebrate and educate about the Iranian culture." - NATIONAL IRANIAN TELEVISION


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