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Nominate Batebai for student peace prize

You can nominate Ahmad Batebi for a student peace prize in Norway. Batebi was arrested during the student protests in the summer of 1999. The Economist magazine published his photograph on its front cover. You can write your own nomination letter or use the letter below and email it to:

To: The nomination committee for Student Peace Prize
Subject: Ahmad Batebi

While expressing our admiration for your efforts in defending and supporting student struggles in defence of free speech throughout the world, we would like to put forward the name of Ahamad Batebi as a suitable candidate for this year's nomination.

Ahmad Batebi was arrested last autumn following student demonstrations in Iran when in protest against repeated violations of free speech he was detained for raising the blood stained T-shirt of a fellow student. He was imprisoned and given a 15 years sentence. Since his arrest he has been under severe torture, however he continues his struggle in prison with hunger strikes and protest letters to judicial authorities in Iran.

Currently Ahmad Batebi is a symbol of the democratic Youth movement in Iran. We hope that by naming him as the winner of the student peace prize, you could show your support for the young generation of Iranians who are fighting for democracy.

With respect,

Your Signature:

Please email nominations to :

Postal address:
Helga Malamin Biningsbo
Postterminalen NTNU N-7034 Trondheim- Norway


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