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Iran 10-year-old files for divorce from her 15-year-old husband

TEHRAN, Sept 26 (AFP) - A 10-year-old Iranian girl has filed for divorce from her 15-year-old husband after only eight days of marriage on grounds of mistreatment, the government-run Iran paper said Tuesday.

It quoted the boy as saying that the day after the wedding they had had a fight because she wanted to play with her dolls.

"On the last day, I beat my wife and my mother-in-law and ran off to my mother's house," the paper quoted him saying, while the girl said: "I was married before, but not any more."

Iran's reformist-dominated parliament last month approved a motion to allow the judiciary and not parents to decide whether boys under 17 and girls under 14 years of age can marry.

Several religious MPs belonging to parliament's conservative minority expressed their disapproval with the motion, saying that Islam's sharia law which sets the marriage age at nine for girls and 14 for boys should apply.

Before the 1979 Islamic revolution, the age of majority for both sexes was 16 years. Iranian officials regularly propagate marriage as a means to prevent "social corruption" among young people.


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