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Teheran plans separate playing grounds in parks for girls

Sept 13, Teheran (dpa) - Teheran plans to separate the playing grounds for girls in parks, the daily Iran reported Wednesday.

The decision was taken by the Teheran City Council, the daily said.

The government newspaper, which is close to President Mohammad Khatami, criticised the decision and said that the council has not properly evaluated the pros and cons of this ``sexual separation'' in public venues.

The separation in the parks is the latest scheme in this regard. Before that, a plan was prepared to allow only female teachers at girls' schools.

The separation plan in buses was first implemented in Iran some ten years ago when women used the rear and men the front seats of the buses. A plan to impose separation for taxis however failed.

The separation system in Islamic Iran is also implemented at wedding ceremonies at public venues, such as hotels or restaurants, where the groom has to host the male guests in one hall and the bride the female guests in another. A separation plan for movie theatres and fanfares however failed.


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