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This list has been making the rounds on the Internet. It claims to show how much money leaders of the Islamic Republic have stashed abroad. Is it factual? Who knows...

1) Ali Khamenei

Sparkasse Bank (Frankfurt/Germany) Acct.# 234075617: DM 112.1 Million

Corner Bank (Geneve/CH) Acct. # 217824: US$ 97 Million

Banque Cantonale (Lausanne/CH) Acct. # 71713: US$ 73.2 Million


2)Ali Akbar Hashemi Rasfandjani

Union Bank Suisse (Geneve/CH) Acct.# 223870390: SF 532.5 Million

Societe Generale (Zurich/CH) Acct.# 30064183: DM 477.2 Million

Sparkasse (Ciborg/Germany) Acct. # 2957132: DM 238.2 Million


3)Mohammad Ali Tasskhiri

Societe Generale (Geneve/Ch) Acct.# 500032654: DM 280.7 Million

Midland Bank (London/UK) Acct.# 832-150270: BP 12.2 Million

Dressdner bank (Dusserdolf/Germany) Acct.# 8354783: DM 48.3 Million


4)Mohammad Golpayegani

Credit Bank Suisse (Geneve/CH) Acct.# CEO7680: SF 85.7 Million


5)Bijan Namdar Zangene

Union Bank Suisse (Geneve/CH) Acct.# 314380320: US$ 141.7 Million


6)Habibollah Asgar Aladi

Corner Bank (Geneve/CH) Acct. # 3983BHK: US$ 180 Million


7)Ahmad Jannati

Midland Bank (London/UK) Acct.# 92114016: BP 54.2 Million


8)Abdollah Nategh Nouri

Union Banque Suisse (Geneve/CH) Acct.# 2102120321ND: USD 123.9 Million

Deutsh bank (Hamburg/Germany) Acct.# 03223486: DM 64.1 Million


9)Mohsen Rafighdoost:

Union Banque Suisse (Geneve/CH) Acct.# 2183130687: USD 122.7 Million


10)Mohsen Hashemi Bahremani

Deutsh bank (Munchen 3/Germany) Acct.# 1732736: DM 370.7 Million

Credit Bank (Geneve/CH) Acct.# 928530FC: USD 178.2 Million


11)Abbas Vaez-Tabassi

Corner Bank (Geneve/CH) Acct.# FAH7272: SF 97.2 Million

Sparkasse (Hamburg/Germany) Acct #. DFH72251660: USD 216.7 Million


12)Hossein Shariatmadari

Midland Bank (London/UK) Acct.# 34414011: BP 37.8 Million


13)Mohsen Rezai

Union Banque Suisse (Geneve/CH) Acct.# 442760430: USD 78.2 Million

Credit Bank (Geneve/CH) Acct.# FAH7967: SF 52.7 Million


14)Massood Movahedian

Commerz Bank (Koln/Germany) Acct.# 3528817: DM 287.8 Million


15)Kamal Kharrazi

Corner Bank (Geneve/CH) Acct.# AMF4567: USD 18.2 Million


16)Ali-Reza Mo-ayeri

Societe Generale (Geneve/CH) Acct.# 50024814: USD12.6 Million


17)Hossein Kordi

Corner Bank (Geneve/CH) Acct.#14710025: USD 14.7 Million


18)Abbas-Ali Forooghi

Corner Bank (Geneve/CH) Acct.# 12930034: USD 10.7 Million


19)Mohammad Hashemi Bahremani

Deutsh Bank (Munich 3/Germany) Acct.# 1734726: DM 177.2 Million


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