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Call for Papers: Iran and the Second World War


The Center for the History of Diplomacy Studies in the Institute for Political and International Studies (IPIS) intends to convene a seminar on Iran and the Second World War, on September 25-26, 1999. The main topics of this scientific gathering are based on two political and cultural dimensions with the following subtitles:

A. Political

- Iranian approach towards the World War II.
- Violation of Iran's neutrality.
- Iranian significance as a mean of victory for Allied Forces.
- Tehran Conference.
- Iranian engagement in Post-war International Systems icluding the United Nations.
- War effects on Iranian borders.
- Iran's pivotal role in post war East-West relations.

B. Cultural

- Impacts of war on consolidating national identification.
- The consequences of the presence of Allied Forces' cultural institutions in Iran.
- Iranian political literature and Second World War.
- Iranian community and European War.
- European war refugees in Iran.

Scholars and interested individuals are requested to submit the abstract of their papers(max. 150 words) to the seminar Secretariat not later than June 20, 1999 at the following address:

Attn. Seyed Ali Moojani
Seminar Secreteriat of "Iran and The Second World War"
The Institute for Political and International studies(IPIS)
P.O Box: 19395-1793, Tehran-Islamic Republic of IRAN


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