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Fallahian "arrested" and accused of plotting murders, coup

Former intelligence minister Ali Fallahian has been arrested on charges of plotting political murders and organizing a coup against President Khatami, according to a flier distributed in Tehran and published by an opposition group in Europe. (See Persian text)

Signed by unnamed pro-Khatami clerics ("Basij-e Rohaniyoon-e Tarafdaar-e Dovom-e Khordaad"), the flier claims that Fallahian is currently under detention at Evin prison and is being interrogated by security agents.

Fallahian was under surveillance when a number of his former colleagues at the Intelligence Ministry were arrested on charges of involvement in the murder of dissident politicians and writers last fall. But he was able to regroup his "terror machine" to carry out more murders and plots, the flier states.

One of the alleged plots was a coup attempt against Khatami's government and supporters, especially liberal journalists. The supposed coup was planned for Tasooa and Ashura religious holidays on April 26 and 27, with the support of Islamic Revolutionary Guards and religious extremists.

But with Fallahian's arrest, Khatami has neutralized one of the key ring leaders and warned others that they could be next, the flier states.

The flier was quoted in the special issue of Rah-e Toodeh (Path of the Masses), an opposition newsletter in Europe. See Persian text


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