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Women's Liberation in Iran Today: Preconditions and Obstacles

May 7-9 1999-04-14 Stockholm, Sweden

Medusa is holding its first conference, titled Women's Liberation in Iran Today, Preconditions and Obstacles, on 7-9 May 1999 in Stockholm, Sweden. Several experts on women's issues and known personalities of women's organizations both from Iran and abroad will participate in the discussion panel.

The panel: Mina Ahadi, the spokes person of "Campaign in Defence of Women's Rights in Iran"; Mahnaz Afkhami, the president of the Institute of "Sisterhood is Global"; Haide Daraghahi, Researcher and activist of women's rights; Shirin Ebadi, Lawyer and activist of women's rights; Moghdeh Farahi, Editor of the magazine "Woman in Struggle"; Mehrangiz Kar, Lawyer and activist of women's rights; Azar Majedi, Editor of the magazine "Medusa"

The program: Friday 7th May, 18-21/30 O'clock: Introduction and presentation

Social evening, including a theatrical performance "no one's country," written and directed by Nilofar Bezaee and performed by Parvaneh Heidari Saturday 8th May, 9/30am ­ 5pm Sunday 9th May, 9am ­ 4pm

Speeches, questions and discussions

Venue: Friday and Sunday ABF huset, Svea Vägen 41, T-ban Rådmans gatan, Stockholm Saturday Asö Gymnasium, T-ban Medborgarplatsen, Stockholm

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