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Iranians seek extradition of rebels

TEHRAN, Iran, April 14 (UPI) -- The families of victims of terrorist attacks by the Iranian rebel group Mujahedeen Khalq are urging countries supporting the group to extradite it militants to Iran.

The Iranian News Agency is quoting the families as calling on countries sheltering Mujahedeen Khalq to expel them to ``prove they are against terrorism.''

The Mujahedeen Khalq Organization, which was established in exile shortly after the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran, claimed responsibility for the assassination of Iran's top army officer, 54- year-old Lt.-Gen. Ali Sayyad Shirazi, on Saturday as he left for work.

IRNA, which said that ``hundreds of ordinary people and high-ranking officials have fallen to MKO terrorist acts,'' quoted the statement as saying that the ``responsibility of violence-seeking groups lies with their supporters and their masterminds.''

The agency said Iran's Islamic Human Rights Commission on Monday sent letters to 17 countries believed to be sheltering the MKO ``strongly protesting the free activities of the terrorists in those countries and called for the extradition of these terrorists to be brought to justice.''

Tehran on Sunday issued a formal protest to the Iraqi government for its support of the MKO, which is believed to have training camps in Iraq, and warned that relations could suffer as a result.


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