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Seventh Annual Seminar on Central Asia & the Caucasus

"The Caspian Sea: Opportunities & Obstacles" June 22-23,1999

Following the disintegration of the former Soviet Union,the Caspian Sea and its surroundings have gained international attention as a highly important region of the world . This importance is attributed to enormous unexploited resources of energy and also its capacity as a transportation.

The exploitation of energy resources has attracted many giant oil companies to invest in the Caspian region , but the question of the routes for exporting the oil & gas from this land-locked area to the high-seas and the world market , is yet to be solved.The Caspian Sea as the largest lake in the world , plays a crucial role in the region's environmental system, but unfortunately its unique ecosystem is now under serious threat, since proper rules and measures have not been adopted for exploiting its resources.

At present , the littoral states are facing a number of questions such as the Caspian-Sea's legal regime, controlling environmental threats , and finding appropriate mechanisms for regional cooperation. With regard to the above challenges , the Institute for Political & International Studies of the Foreign Ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran intends to invite politicians, experts & researchers from the governmental and/or private sectors to attend a seminar which is to be organized by the Center for Central Asia & the Caucasian Studies.This seminar under the title of " Caspian Sea: Opportunities & Obstacles " will take place on June 22-23,1999.

The following subjects are to be examined in the upcoming seminar:

-Cooperation in the Caspian Sea & the surrounding region
-The Legal regime of the Caspian Sea -Environmental issues of the Caspian Sea
-Energy resources of the Caspian Sea

For further information please contact:

The Institute for Political & International Studies.
Shahid Bahonar Ave, Shahid Aghaii St.
Tehran - Iran
Tel: 009821/ 2571010-14 (ext. 348)
Fax: 009821/ 2710964


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