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Where Was Rumor of Coup Against Khatami Concocted?

Tehran Times
25 April 99

TEHRAN - Former information minister, Ali Fallahian, has never been involved in any anti-Khatami activity, said a close associate of the former top intelligence man. The Iranian and Gulf-2000 sites reported Saturday [24 April] that former information minister Ali Fallahian has been arrested on charges of plotting political murders and organizing a coup.

It also said, with Fallahian's arrest, Khatami has neutralized one of the key ring leaders and warned others that they could be next. A close associate of Fallahian talking to the 'Tehran Times' said, it is a sheer rumour.

Fallahian is delivering speeches on Moharram at Zarabkhaneh Mosque every day. On the reasons for such rumours, he said the enemy is out to increase the gulf between various factions in Iran. In today's Iran the society has opened up and differences that have surfaced are quite natural.

* See original source of the rumor


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