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    Iranians in 2,000 U.S. census

    The US Census 2000 is approaching very rapidly. The Census Bureau is already advertising to hire Part time (~$14.00 per hour) and Full time staff to do the job for the Nation.

    There was also a recent Supreme Court ruling that overruled the administration's and the democrat's preference to accomplish the job based on representative sampling of the population, since they claim that in the past, illegal, minorities and underrepresented groups were UNDERCOUNTED.

    May I bring everyone's attention to 1990 Census. It puts the total number of people residing in the US who are Iranian/Persian origin at ~240,000! This contrasts to various claims in our community that puts the number anywhere from half a million to three millions, with ~one million being the most realistic estimate, I opine.

    Every Iranian American related group, association, and organization must immediately articulate a strategy including education, and full participation by all in the Iranian American community to respond to the Census, while citing their original cultural heritage. Here's a golden opportunity that will visit us again in another decade, and so, we must take full advantage of the Census 2000. It is based on such Census that we could truly go to government and political forces to ensure our community interest are indeed served and met. This should be on top of every agenda for all organization for the next year.

    Challenge: Ideally, we should all make a collective, concerted and coordinated effort to ensure that next number of people of Iranian/Persian origin does read ONE MILLION, if that is indeed the actual number.

    Best wishes,
    David N. Rahni

    New York D.N. Rahni, Ph.D.
    Professor of Chemistry, and
    Dir. Grad. Prog. Environmental Science
    Pleasantville, NY 10570-2799
    Tel voice (914)773-3655;
    Fax (914)773-3418 & -3541 (for more than 5 pages)



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