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India, Iran studying Indian Ocean gas pipeline

TEHRAN, Feb 25 (AFP) - An Indian delegation is to visit Iran to discuss the possibility of building an Indian Ocean pipeline to ship Iranian liquified natural gas to the subcontinent, Foreign Minister Kamal Kharazi said Thursday.

Kharazi, in an interview with the official IRNA news agency in New Delhi, where the foreign minister is on a visit, said discussions were held with Indian officials on LNG purchases and the possibility of building a pipeline.

"India will be needing a lot of energy fuel in the future and therefore this is a sound basis for Tehran-New Delhi ties," he said.

"An Indian delegation is expected to visit Tehran to study the possibility of laying a gas pipeline grid to India and the finalization of liquified gas purchases," he added.

Kharazi said a pipeline through the Indian Ocean "seems to be the most practical plan." "Laying the gas pipeline grid through Pakistan, which would need the sanction of the three nations, as a second possibility is under study," he added.

The foreign minister also said agreement had been reached for Iran to invest an additional 12 million dollars in an oil refinery in the southern Indian city of Madras.


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