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Foruhar's children demand international probe into murder of parents

TEHRAN, Jan 7 (AFP) - The son and daughter of Daryush Foruhar, an Iranian dissident recently murdered along with his wife, insisted on Thursday that an international investigation be conducted into the murder of their parents.

The request was made despite an admission by Iran's intelligence ministry on Tuesday that renegade agents were involved in the Foruhars' killings as well as the kidnapping and murder of several writers.

"It took the intelligence ministry weeks to admit the truth that was clear to all from the first day," said Arash and Parastu Foruhar in a statement faxed to AFP.

"We neither know about the identity of those arrested, nor their rank, or whether they are the real organizers of these evil acts or just agents who have to be sacrificed so that their commanders can escape punishment," they said.

"It is our natural right to demand an independent investigation into the crimes against us and others. We want the truth and the whole truth to be exposed.

"These crimes should be investigated by a team of international lawyers. Amnesty International and another human rights organisation have already asked to send a team and are waiting for a response from the Islamic republic," they added.

Iran's foreign ministry said Wednesday it would not allow any international interference in the affair.

Foruhar, the leader of the secular nationalist Iranian Nation's Party, and his wife, Parvaneh, were found stabbed to death at their Tehran home on November 22.

Secular writers Mohammad Mokhtari and Mohammad Pouyandeh were kidnapped and murdered in early December. Another intellectual, Majid Sharif, was found dead under mysterious circumstances around the same time.

Iranian leaders had condemned the murders and pledged to find the killers.


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