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Iranian Intelligence Minister to Be Sacked

TEHRAN (Jan. 7) XINHUA - Iranian President Mohammad Khatami vowed to sack Intelligence Minister Qorbanali Dorri Najafabadi after his ministry admitted that its agents were involved in serial murders of dissidents and intellectuals.

"President Khatami underlined that he would dismiss him (Najafabadi) if he would not resign," local daily Salam on Thursday quoted informed sources as saying.

The sources said that Khatami would take over the Intelligence Ministry by himself and appoint one of the current deputy intelligence ministers as acting intelligence minister.

The Intelligence Ministry announced on Tuesday night that it had arrested a few of its own "devious colleagues" for being involved in the mysterious killings of an opposition leader and several dissident writers later last year.

The admittance shocked the Iranian society. Some print media have called for the resignation of the conservative minister and a pro-Khatami political party also urged the government to change the structure of the country's security and intelligence system.

Leader of the Iran Nation Party Darius Forouhar and his wife were stabbed to death at home in November and several dissident writers were killed in Tehran in December.

Some conservatives have previously blamed "foreign enemies" for the murders.


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