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Wilson and Glass do Rumi

Music composed by Philip Glass
Designed and directed by Robert Wilson

English Libretto from poems of Molana Jelaluddin Molavi (Rumi)

The Music: Composed by Philip Glass, is performed live, off-stage by the Philip Glass Ensemble. The libretto, which is sung in English, is taken from the poetry of the 13th century Persian mystic, Jelaluddin Rumi.

The Play: Exploration of visual design to include high-tech, 3-dimensional computer animation. There are no actors on stage; instead "the cast" is composed of Synthespiansª, life-like, computer-generated characters which are projected onto the stage via 70 mm film.

The Stage: With the aid of 3-D glasses, the boundaries of the stage are radically expanded, so that objects can appear to be within several feet of the viewer or extend as far back as infinity. Bernard Holland of the New York Times described the technical wizardry of Monsters of Grace as "a brave encroachment into unexplored territory...which extends the limits of the senses and the body."

Where and What: Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall; Portland, Oregon

Box office information: 248- 4335
$34.50 General Admission (including service fee)
Wed. April 7th, 1999, 7pm and 9pm

Visit PICA's web site for more information about the play:


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