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Judiciary chief warns against politicising election

TEHRAN, March 5 (AFP) - The hardline chief of Iran's judiciary warned Friday aganist politicising the results of last week's first-ever municipal elections, a runaway victory for reformers in the Islamic republic.

"You were elected as local officials and should concern yourselves with local problems, and keep out of factional and partisan disputes," said Ayatollah Mohammad Yazdi during weekly prayers at Tehran university.

Yazdi, speaking with his ever-present Kalashnikov rifle in hand, called on the newly elected officials to concentrate "only on the interests of their constituencies."

``Think of your town's or village's interest ... I'm speaking to you gentlemen and ladies who think you are so successful and important...don't think you're the president now and can say and do anything you like,'' he said.

Reformers close to moderate President Mohammad Khatami won handily in the elctions, following a bitter campaign that highlighted the split between conservatives and reformers in the Islamic republic.

Reformers are well ahead in the balloting in the capital and seem poised to win all 15 seats on the Tehran council when the count is completed here.

They also made strong gains in almost all major cities, including Isfahan, Mashhad and Shiraz.


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