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    Buy a CD, help Evolving Perceptions

    For one very special week -- this week -- any music you buy online through eyegive(r) from Music Boulevard will generate a donation to the Iranian-American arts group, Evolving Perceptions, of 10% of the purchase price. That's 150% more than our standard 4% donation. It means a $12.99 CD purchase raises a donation of $1.30, or 90 cents higher than the standard, which is a good deal in itself.

    Now that's something to sing about!

    So before you buy any music, think about Evolving Perceptions and this special offer. You get Music Boulevard's everyday low prices, great selection, fast delivery, and 10% goes to Evolving Perceptions for purchases this week. Your friends and family can help too. This is a great reason for people to join eyegive. Send your friends an email with this link:


    and they'll automatically register to support Evolving Perceptions. Members can change charities at any time, of course. For every new eyegive member you send, $2 will go to Evolving Perceptions when they register, and more money for every product they buy through eyegive.

    Our online merchants offer convenience, very competitive pricing, and donations to Evolving Perceptions! (Hint: You can just forward this email.) To guarantee 10% credit to Evolving Perceptions you must:

    1. Click to Music Boulevard from our website, or from here:


    2. Buy on or before October 31, 1998. (After October 31, we return to our normal donation percentage.)

    3. Forward the order confirmation email from Music Boulevard to We must have this copy to ensure proper credit to our members and the causes they support. This announcement inaugurates a new service, where we notify our members of good deals from our merchant partners.

    Our shopping service, shop.eyegive, enables our members to raise between 2% and 10% of the purchase price of products they buy through our merchant partners for their favorite worthy cause. We offer a wide range of quality products from top merchants -- from CDs to books, office supplies, toys, and videos.


    David Carlick


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