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    Dialogue of Civilizations ?

    Call For Papers

    Islamic Revolution's Cultural Documentation Organization intends to hold a 2-day international seminar on December 13-14, 1998 entitled: "Dialogue of Civilizations?"

    All experts, scholars and lecturers are invited to send their papers in maximum 15 pages before December 6, 1998 to the Seminar's Secretariat.


    A) Definition of Civilizations.

    1.1- General Definition of Civilizations.
    1.2- Presentation of civilizations (Islamic, Western, Chinese ...) and their characteristics.
    1.3- Dialogue; Concepts, Means.

    B) Foundation of Civilizations Dialogue.

    2.1- Theoretical foundations of civilizations dialogue.
    2.2- Historical background of civilizations dialogue.
    2.3- Whys and wherefores of civilizations dialogue.
    2.4- Iranian view on civilizations dialogue.

    C) Religion, Morality and Spirituality in Civilizations Dialogue.

    3.1- The role of spiritual aspects of civilizations in dialogue process.
    3.2- The role of interreligion talks in civilization dialogue.
    3.3- Universal morality and civilizations dialogue.
    3.4- Human rights and civilizations dialogue.

    D) Civilizations Dialogue, Peace and the Future.

    4.1- Prospects and civilization dialogue.
    4.2- civilizations dialogue and world peace.


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