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Flower delivery in Iran

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    National Iranian Oil Company Technical School, Ahvaz, main yard, 1976:
    From Right (standing): Abdolvahab Eftekhar saadi, Arsalan Nazari, Majid Pour Reza, Bahram Meimand, Pour, Mohsen Mir Moradi, Bahram Tavasoli, Homayoon Sadeghi, Nader Ghassemi, Ali Reza Tabloyee, Nasser Torabian, Mohammad Dadbeh(Farsi literature teacher).
    From Right(sitting): Masoud Shirali, Jaafar Moliat, Nariman Zangeneh Kamali, Ali Reza Valiyari, Farzad Golbad, Mehran Shehni Danesh, Ezat Allah Abolfath Najad.
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