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Flower delivery in Iran

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    A 1947 ad for Pullman transportation published in an unknown magazine.
    The ad starts like this: "He would have... if he hadn't skipped page 17 of his
    Pocket Guide to Iran, which the War Department gave him when he
    started (?) overseas. It says there: 'When in an Irani home, don't be so
    enthusiastic in admiring some object. Your host might... give it to you.'

    But the corporal did enthuse. And now he's stuck with part of next month's
    pay... because the book goes on: 'If an Irani [gives] you a gift, the proper
    thing to do is to give him one of equal value in return.'
    That's the custom
    of the country
    . He learned it the hard way. There is an American custom that
    many boys have learned the easy way since going into service. It's the custom
    of traveling in comfort -- which troops in training do at the rate of 30,000
    every night [with Pullman train wagons]..."

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