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Three steps back
Experts discuss the political crisis in Iran


From left: Ali Akbar Mahdi, Valentine M. Moghadam, Hossein Qazian, Dariush Sajjadi, Hooshang Amirahmadi

By Jahanshah Javid
May 1, 2000
The Iranian

The conservative assault against reformists in recent weeks was a hot topic at a conference in Washington, DC, this past weekend. Here are interviews and comments from some of the participants at the Center for Iranian Research and Analysis' (CIRA) 18th annual conference (April 28-29).

In RealAudio format

Ali Akbar Mahdi, sociologist, Ohio Wesleyan University:

In Persian

* How will the students react to the assault against reform?
* Will pressure force the student movement underground?
* Is the conservative assault a hasty reaction or well-planned?
* What will President Khatami do?
* Will the next Majlis be able to carry out reform?
* Did the reformist press go too far in attacking the conservatives?
* What's the role of former president Rafsanjani in all this?
* Will pro-reform ayatollahs in Qom support Khatami?

In English

Valentine M. Moghadam, sociologist, Illinois State University

* Iran's political future: Three possible scenarios

Dariush Sajjadi, political analyst for reformist newspapers in Iran

In Persian

* What made the conservatives take action against reformists?
* Characteristics and weaknesses of the reform movement.

Hossein Qazian, researcher and reformist journalist in Iran

In Persian

* Spread of Islamic reformist thought
* Outside influences on Iran's civil society

Hooshang Amirahmadi, president, American Iranian Council

In Persian

* How will the Americans react?
* How will recent events affect Iranian foreign policy?

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