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Where's the Muslim Mahatma?
Where is Islam's magnanimity these days?

By Hajmirzakhan
December 17, 2001
The Iranian

Osama bin Laden (OBL): Based on my prior experience as a human being, I thought maybe the brothers will abort the mission in moments before crashing the planes filled with jet fuel into the buildings filled with the people But this was beyond anything we had hoped for...

Shaykh: Allah-o-Akbar...

OBL: Now true Muslims everywhere know what Al-Qaida is... they know who Taliban are This is the path to justice. True Muslims in Afganistan know this already...

Shaykh: Alhamd-ol-Allah...

OBL: Sometimes when people look at a weak horse... and they look at a strong horse... they like the strong horse... And Mullah Omar... He is the Commander of the Faithful... He likes strong horses too... In Kandahar, he has air conditioning for the horses in the stables It is hot in Kandahar...

Shaykh: Rahmat-ol-Allah-o-Alayhom!

OBL: He wants to fight to the death... As we all do But when they came, he said he will stop the fighting if they let him live with dignity...

Shaykh: And his wives and horses live with dignity too

OBL: Yes! "No more bloodshed!" he said.

Shaykh: Insha-Allah!

OBL: But the true infidel does not let the true Muslim live with dignity these days. It has been so for a long time! In Afghanistan, in Iran, in Saudi Arabia -- where the haram-ol-sharif is! Everywhere. If a true Muslim says what he thinks, says what he wants, he is punished! By Allah, they will not live with dignity, until true Muslims live with dignity!

Shaykh: Allah-o-Akbar!


Will there ever be anyone who will envision a different strategy than fighting injustice with injustice?

More than 50 years ago, Mahatma Gandhi sought to stand up to injustice without violence. And he succeeded beyond anyone's wildest estimates. He stunned the mighty British Empire by devising a simple, yet brilliant doctrine of non-violent, non-cooperative, civil resistance.

In my opinion, Gandhi was the greatest man of the 20th century. You'd think this triumph would transform human conflict forever. But, it hasn't been so. Even Gandhi died violently with a broken heart. Who broke Gandhi-ji's heart? It wasn't the British. They were rather gracious in defeat. Mohammad Ali Jenah, the Father of Pakistan, robbed India of a joyous independence, and broke Gandhi-ji's heart.

What I'd like to know is where are the Gandhi-ji's in the Muslim world? I know Jenah was tough. I know Ayatollah Khomeini was tough. Yassir Arafat is tough. "The Engineer" was tough. Saddam Hussein is tough. Mullah Omar and Osama Bin Laden are tough.

Today, tough Muslim fighters break their own people's hearts, break the hearts of Hindus & Jews, and even break the hearts of people they don't know 5,000 miles away. They blow up 1,000-year-old statues of Buddha.

And what have they achieved? Look around.

Where is Islam's magnanimity these days? Where's the Muslim Mahatma?

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By Hajmirzakhan

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