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Don't let them misguide us
What is going on? Why now? Who is going to benefit?

By Maryam Eskandari
August 11, 2003
The Iranian

Dear Elyar, [We deserve better]

I guess, living in Tabriz for about 18 years of my life, since I was 8, and having both my parents, my grandparents, my greatgrandparents,....from Tabriz, basically Azerbaijan, would make me an eligible person in your mind to talk about Azeries, I hope.

Hence, as an Iranian who has special thought for Azerbaijan due to her love to her country and not beacause of ethnicity, I do not agree when you say "we the people of Azerbaijan do not have the right to read and write in our own language, follow our customs and habits and have Azeri names for our children." Who has said so?

I do not specifically recall anyone in my family, relatives, and friends, in high school, university of Tabriz, at work and ... to ever argue that matters, not because they are not allowed to say so, but simply becasue they don't feel the same way.

I just would like to remind you and hopefully some others that not all Azeris think the same way as you do. Just the opposit, there are people like me that since my early childhood, has always been taught by my "Tabrizi" father, that I am an Iranian first, and then an Azeri.

Please someone out there let me know what is happening these days? Reading discussion and unrealistic arguments which try to manipulate Iranian-Azeris (of course not yours - because you obviously are one of the most understanding ones), and thinking of them later on and on make me feel sad, confused, angry, and of course worried, all at the same time!

What is going on? Why now? Who is going to benefit? Is is us, Azeris, or the ones who prefer to see this land in the foreigner hands, just to become a future prime minister or so? Please, read Baraitna's comments one more time [Azeri nationalism is Iranian nationalism]. In a second thought, I am sure you would find them RIGHT.

Please, please, please, be more careful and do not forget what people like Chehregani and few others are planning to do to this part of the country in the name of ethnicity concerns. Let's do not let them misguide us by their non-Iranian belief. It is much more than a simple confusion about culture and language. I am sure you know it much better than me.

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