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Too late
... to try to blame others for the mess Jebheh Melli created

By Hassan Farzin, Ph.D.
June 27, 2003
The Iranian

I reviewed "A raw deal", the excerpt from Dr. Bahram Bahramian book. I assume every Iranian who was alive and saw the events of 1978-1979 disturbances in Iran, remembers how people, some by design, and many due to their ignorance, helped in the unholy takeover of the country (and as much as $40 billion a year of petroleum cash flow to be used to fill pockets and funding terrorist groups) by a bunch of murderers under the name of religion.

What really gets people angry is when they see the same weak people who went as far as kissing a mass murderer's hand and calling him a "Leader", in order to receive a meager ministerial job, are now writing books, making speeches, and presenting a variety of other dissertations trying to falsify the history books and blame everyone else for the terrible events that they either designed, participated in, or helped in their implementation.

Dr. Bahramian appears to be such a character. Here is a man whom by his own admission was a participant in meetings to conspire with people (Bazargan, Sahabi, Sanjabi, etc.) who could only hide behind religious slogans to survive, including many mullahs (Beheshti, Mottahari, etc.) who were known to be puppets of a mass murderer called Khomeini, to get rid of peace and stability in Iran and essentially turn it into another " Palestine," now is claiming that he is not happy with the result that he helped to create. Which should we believe, his swearing, or the tail of the stolen rooster?

Dr. Bahramian implies that he did not know at the time that disturbances were being conducted by so called "religious" nuts. Dr. Bahramian must have been descended from the Moon just before his "meeting" with the Shah! That is the only way he could have been unaware that the disturbances were being fueled by the so called "religious" groups.

He is trying to give the credit for the start of the disturbances to the followers of Mossadegh; and blame the handover of the governance to religious groups only after Sanjabi and other weak and ignorant members of Jebheh Melli (National Front) traveled to Paris to kiss Khomeini's hand.

This assertion is totally false, and it is a usual fabrication of Jebheh Melli, which has done such fabrications for very long time in order to keep the fantasy of Mossadegh as a "great leader" going. Mossadegh was the same type of "great leader" that Kim IL Song of North Korea was the "Dear Leader!"

Any warm-body who was present in Tehran in September 1978 would know that all (or nearly all) demonstrations had religious tone. They consisted mostly of people who were unable or unwilling to read Khomeini's book of "comedies" to have an understanding of what he stood for before expressing allegiance to him.

They were, however, willing to listen to his fantasied preaching tapes containing all sorts of nonsense. Demonstrations had nothing to do with the so called Jebheh Melli "policies;" here is the simple reason: Jebheh Melli never had any policies that the Iranian people would accept.

Furthermore, Jebheh Melli was, and still is, known to consist of mostly followers of Mossadegh, who himself had no constructive policies for Iran, except for keeping himself in the office as long as he could. For that reason, Mossadegh was disgraced, and his dangerous policies were rejected by Iranian people decades earlier.

Some have extended exaggeration so far that they have called Mossadegh the "only" democratically governing prime minister of Iran. In fact, as far as I know, Mossadegh is the only prime minister in Iranian history who intentionally led Iran into bankruptcy, all the while governing under Marshal Law (and from his bed!) during his entire premiership. He even closed the same Majles that was elected during his term and under his own rules, because he could not tolerate critics.

Today there is talk about Basiji vigilante groups (paid civilian hooligans by the government of the mullahs) who are trained and kept for the sole purpose of beating and assassinating demonstrators and opposition politicians, using bats, chains, knives, and guns.

Did you know that the government-paid hooligans, and their use in beating, knifing, assassinating and silencing government critics was first invented by Mossadegh during his rein? As far as Mossadegh was concerned, he knew it all, as does the current Supreme Leader! There is no place in the future of Iran for Monafegeen, and those who try to rewrite the history.

I suggest that Dr. Bahramian, and the rest of his current Jebheh Melli cohorts, to keep silent and stay in hiding. Whatever happens, and whomever is elected in the future to rebuild Iran, it will not look kindly to most of the current Jebheh Melli membership, who even back-stabbed one of their best, the great patriot Dr. Shapour Bakhtiar, in competition for a lousy prime minister ship. As a result, they handed over Iran to a bunch of ignorant mullahs, and knowingly gave free hand to these same murderers to massacre the best and the brightest sons and daughters of the country.

Too bad for Dr. Bahramian, and the rest of the Jebheh (actually "not") Melli. It is too late to try to blame others for the mess Jebheh (not) Melli and their comrades created. Once the current murderers are removed from the government positions in Tehran, there will be no place for the kinds of Monafegeen represented by Jebheh (not) Melli. The next leadership in Iran, when elected, will not accept hand kissers for ministerial positions, so most of the Jebheh (not) Melli membership, whose only specialty is hand kissing, is out of luck!

When the story of the massacres of the past 25 years in Iran is written, hopefully soon, I predict that the story will be bigger than the 1936-1945 Holocaust in Europe, with Jebheh (not) Melli as the prominent partner and helper of the murderers who have occupied Iran for the past 25 years.


Hassan Farzin is President of the Non-Arab Middle East Institute.

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By Hassan Farzin





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