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    Cover story

    Common sense
    No one has chronicled Iranian events quite like Masoud Behnoud

    March 8, 1999
    The Iranian

    Masoud Behnoud was born in 1947. He has been writing articles for various journals since 1964. In all he has 300 interviews and more than 1,000 articles to his credit, as well as at least eight documentaries, 50 TV programs and seven books.

    What's so impressive about Behnoud's body of work is his uncommon common sense and ability to grasp and convey current events in a balanced way. He reflects the mood of a nation; a true journalist, an endangered species in a country that badly needs the likes of him to quench the thirst for reliable and balanced news.

    Behnoud who lives and works in Iran, recently published Maa meemaaneem (We will stay; 1998, Elm Publishers), a collection of essays that appeared in various magazines between 1996 and 1998.

    The essay selected here -- "Hokm raaandan bar een jaame'eh" (Ruling over this society) -- was first published in Adineh (an independent magazine banned last month) in February 1998. In it, Behnoud explains why Iran is prepared to mend its relations with the U.S. (in Persian): ... Go to page one


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