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An Iranian!

U. S. A.

Dick Cheney’s staggering Iran hypocrisy: Why we need to ignore his sinister war games at all costs

The photo accompanying a Washington Post article published yesterday, which reported on a letter signed by nearly 200 Generals and Admirals opposing the Iran deal, showed Lt. General William “Jerry” Boykin. This matters because Boykin took part in Operation Eagle Claw, the failed 1980 attempt to res ... Continue reading »

In landmark case, labor board will let more workers bargain with their employer’s employer

Unions have been campaigning to get McDonald's to pay higher wages -- and to take responsibility for the labor law violations of their franchisees. (REUTERS/Carlo Allegri) A federal labor board voted Thursday to redefine the employee-employer relationship granting new bargaining powers to workers ca ... Continue reading »

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