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A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night review – exhilarating vampire girl power | Film

Iranian-American writer-director Ana Lily Amirpour describes her weirdly exhilarating feature debut, which premiered at Sundance last year, as the Iranian love-child of Sergio Leone and David Lynch, with Nosferatu as a babysitter. It is set in the fictional Iranian ghost town of Bad City (the name n ... Continue reading »

Shahdy - S.Kiss

You are here : Home   Read 556 times جدیدترین ها رادیو تماس با ما © All rights reserved for Radio Gramophone.   رادیو گرامافون"+"    "+"در حال پخش"+"  "+songttl+" "); //alert (songttl); //jQuery(songttl).appendTo(jQuery('.rgMenu')); jQuery('.rgMenuBg').hide(); jQuery('.rgMenuLogo').hide(); jQuery('. ... Continue reading »

Indo-European Languages Originated 6,000 Years Ago in Russian Grasslands

Proto-Indo-European is the ancestral tongue of 400 languages and dialects, including English, German, Italian, Greek, and Hindi. It appeared in historic records dating back 3,700 years, but researchers have long debated over where and when Proto-Indo-European originated and how it spread. Some say i ... Continue reading »

Diplomatic Crisis as Obama Defriends Netanyahu on Facebook

The icy relationship between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu hit a new low this week, with the American president ‘defriending’ the Israeli Premier on Facebook. Though it’s unclear exactly when Obama made the move to delete his Israeli counterpart as a Facebook friend – most likely arou ... Continue reading »

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