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Inside the prison


By Peyvand Khorsandi
July 18, 2003
The Iranian

Alive one minute, next she's dead
She had a 'brain attack' they said.

She was a mother, and now her son
Says return the body of my mum.

They want to bury her with grace
Restore dignity to her face.

What's left now, though, who knows--
They beat it with 'Islamist' blows.

"In the name of god take that bitch,
It's what you get for being a snitch.

Canadian passport? Iranian too--
Think you're clever? We'll have you.

We'll show you what we're all about,
A mullah's smile, barbaric clout--

We'll put you woman in your place
You'll disappear without a trace.

No one will care that you've seen
What you shouldn't have in Evin."

Photographer takes her last shot!
And we will never know of what.

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By Peyvand Khorsandi




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