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Rachel Wolfe @RachelWolfe

Rachel is the Fellow at the Office of Public Affairs of the Baha'is of the US. She has previously worked on gender equality, human rights, and health related issues including HIV/AIDS in Kampala, Uganda.

Washington, D.C.

A Historic Kiss | payvand

Opinion article by Mehrangis Kar (source: Rooz Online) Recently, when Mohammad Nourizadeh bestowed a kiss on the foot of a child, he threw the whole contemporary political and social history of Iran into turmoil and challenge. Nourizadeh is a well-known Iranian writer and critic film-maker who until a few years ago was closely affiliated with the I ... ... Continue reading »

Seven Behind Bars: The Latest Chapter in Iran's Rampant Persecution of Baha’is

Iran has been on the United States’ radar for a long time for its ongoing and controversial nuclear program.  Something that has been dramatically overlooked, however, is its state of religious freedom.   Iran routinely and systematically makes it difficult for religious minorities to practice their faith safely and openly. The worst case of this p ... Continue reading »

Support to Abdolfattah Soltani - A letter from the American Bar Association to Ayatollah Khamenei

The Incarceration of Mr. Abdolafattah Soltani, a human rights lawyer and advocate, was decried last week by the American Bar Association (ABA). The injustice demonstrated by the Iranian government's imprisonment of Mr. Soltani for 13 years solely for carrying out legal defense for his clients is appalling. The ABA expressed its concern over Mr. So ... Continue reading »

حمایت از عبدالفتاح سلطانی-نامه ی کانون وکلای آمریکا به آیت اله خامنه ای

    در هفتۀ گذشته، کانون وکلای آمریکا به  زندانی بودن عبد‌الفتاح سلطانی، وکیل و طرفدار حقوق بشر، اعتراض کردند.  بی عدالتی که دولت ایران در حق آقای سلطانی با محکوم کردن او به سیزده سال زندان فقط  برای دفاع  قانونی از موکلین خود،روا داشتند، سهمگین و بیمناک است. کانون وکلای آمریکا نگرانی عمیق خود را برای وضیعت کنونی آقای  سلطانی در نامۀ زیر بیان می ک ... Continue reading »

سال خورده ترین تهدید امنیتی برای ایران: مدیر ٨٠ سالۀ بهائی پشت میله های زندان

 جمال الدین و اشرف خانجانی   تعریف مجرم چیست؟ مجرم در ساده‌ترين تعريف، کسی است که به عمد قانونی را زیر پا بگذارد. حال مردی را تصوّر کنید که پدر و پدربزرگی دوست­داشتنی، شوهری وفادار و تاجری گشاده­رو و صمیمی است و وقت‌اش را در خدمت به جامعۀ خود می­گذراند. مجرم به نظر می­رسد، درست است؟   با آقای جمال­الدین خانجانی آشنا شوید، یک ایرانی ٨٠ ساله که در چ ... Continue reading »

Meet Iran’s Oldest Security Threat - 80 Year Old Baha’i Leader Behind Bars

What is the definition of a criminal? At its most basic level, it is someone who deliberately breaks a law. Now, picture a man who is a loving father and grandfather, a devoted husband, and a businessman who is open, warm, and spends time engaged in service to his community. Sounds criminal, right?   Meet Mr. Jamaloddin Khanjani, an 80 year old I ... Continue reading »