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How ancient Persians and Iranians looked compared to now

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      If you were to ask people what ancient Iranians/Persians looked like many uneducated people would probably tell you that they were of the Nordic race, blue eyes and blonde hair being common amongst the western Iranic groups, while a little research could easily disprove this Eurocentric myth. If you compare the statues of Persepolis, Pasargad ... Continue reading »

The myth of patriarchal oppression in Iran

The Myth of Patriarchal Oppression in Iran is an extremely interesting article about so called male privileges in Iran and how women are supposedly being oppressed. I implore you to read it as it will open your eyes to the bullshit.     First published in A Voice for Men by Ali Mehraspand on November 14th, 2013:   From the second feminists started ... Continue reading »

Mek (mujahadin e khalq) commercial on fox

I saw another commercial on cnn's channel aswell.   Iranians should be asking themselves why the u.s and her allies are helping and funding an islamist marxist organization rather than Iranian nationalist oppositions like Shahram homayoun or the shorehe melli organization that want a secular Iran? Sad thing is that after all this many opposition fi ... Continue reading »

Why dont Iranians wear traditional Persian clothing?

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If you look throughout the mid-east, Pashtuns, Kurds, Arabs etc... all wear their clothing proudly, while in Iran People are either dressed in western clothing or Islamic akhoond (mullah) dresses.   I believe one very important thing we, Iranians need to do if we want to fully resurrect our culture.  We have to adopt the ancient Persian clothing fr ... Continue reading »

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