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Photo essay

Ehsan Shahinsefat
March 25, 2005

Abyaneh is a beautiful village 70 km. to the southeast of Kashan. This is a village of living traditions, architectural styles, and probably the most interesting example of human adaptation to nature.

The village is compact, with narrow and sloped lanes, and houses located on the slope as if placed on a stairway. Here, the roofs of some houses used to serve as the courtyard for other houses higher up on the slope. There are a good number of Islamic and Zoroastrian buildings in the village, all worth a careful visit.

Located on the northwestern slope of Karkas Mount and 28 km distant from Natanz, Abyaneh enjoys a mild climate. The customs and traditions of the people as well as the buildings in Abyaneh afford a good picture of old Iran. The UNESCO has registered Abyaneh as a historical village.

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Ehsan Shahinsefat

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Ehsan Shahinsefat


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