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Rape as a Political Weapon in Iran… and We’re Really About To Lift Sanctions?

The death/murder of  Kurdish-Iranian Farinaz Khosrawani, 25, is a story of dictatorship, rape, oppression of women, racism, class-warfare and arguably, bribery.  So crazy that you can’t make this up.  But in the Iran we see today, it’s the reality—and this is the Iran that the West is working to lif ... Continue reading »

Iran, the Country Where You Increasingly Can’t Talk About Anything… Thanks to the Regime

Iran’s Regime has now banned the Tehran based Zanaan-e-Emrooz (Today’s Women) Newspaper after it published a special on unmarried couples, considered adulterers in the eyes of the radical Islamist Regime, living together outside of wedlock.   Coined a “white marriage,” it is utterly illegal under Is ... Continue reading »

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