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In Iran, Hopes Fade for Surge in the Economy | The New York Times

TEHRAN — Suffering in an economy dragged down by years of mismanagement and the effects of international sanctions, Iran’s increasingly impoverished middle class voted in huge numbers last summer for President Hassan Rouhani, who promised to reignite growth by restoring ties with the rest of the world.   But more than six months after Mr. Rouhani t ... ... Continue reading »

My Prayer for Iran, this Nowruz

Although I’m not religious, I still have great respect the lineages I was born into.    My mother’s background is Shi’a Muslim, and our family’s oral tradition tells me that I have some great mystics and progressive thinkers in my family tree. Although I am so far removed from them, I still think I channel some of their energy when I am in a spirit ... Continue reading »

Judge Rouhani by how he Treats his Political Prisoners, not how he Conducts his Foreign Policy

Women who frequent the dating sphere are often encouraged to “judge a man by how he treats people he doesn’t have to be nice to, not just  how he treats you.”  Little do the tellers of this advice know to what extent it is valuable! Consider international diplomacy and foreign policy, for a second.   The P5+1 and Iran are engaged in very serious, ... Continue reading »

Iran Must Embrace Religious Pluralism | The New York Times

Last March, I sublet my Manhattan apartment. A woman called Shireen answered my ad, and when she came to visit I was surprised to learn that, despite her traditionally Persian name, she was Indian. Mentioning this, Shireen replied, “But I am Persian! I’m Zoroastrian.” In India, she explained, Zoroastrians are called Parsis (literally, “Persian”) in ... ... Continue reading »

What is Iran Doing with all its new money??

What are President Rouhani and Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei planning to do with all the money they get, as a result of the Iran Deal?   With an estimated 8 billion US Dollars projected to find their way into Iran’s economy over the next 6 months, the biggest questions is, “Where exactly will all that money go?” Anyone progressive and fair-min ... Continue reading »

Iranian Military Leader Threatens Attack on US from 'Within' | newsmax

An Iranian military chief says his nation has targeted "centers in America" for attack that would destroy the U.S. "from within" if it launches an attack on the Islamic Republic. Brig. Gen. Hossein Salami, a Revolutionary Guards commander, made the threat in a television interview in which he noted, "America, with its strategic ignorance, does not ... ... Continue reading »

Iran nuclear hurdles political, not technical |

Iran’s ability to make missiles loaded with nuclear warheads now rests primarily on the “political will” of its leaders, rather than any technical constraints, according to an annual U.S. intelligence assessment presented on Capitol Hill Wednesday. “Tehran has made technical progress in a number of areas — including uranium enrichment, nuclear reac ... ... Continue reading »

Iran Gold Rush - Will EU companies rushing to tap business in Iran cause the next European Recession?

        The European companies lined up to find new business ventures in Iran for a quick buck (or Euro, actually) will further lead to the demise of Europe’s already tanking economy. Why and how, you ask?  Listen closely as I walk you through it.           Last week, on 20 Jan, The P5+1 and the Islamic Republic of Iran started the implementation ... Continue reading »

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