Rose Ghajar's

Persian Paintings




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* Shirin & child
* Farhad with rose


* Shirin with two roses
* Isfahan
* Shirin & Farhad


Bring the spirit of Persia to your home

A Persian painting can make any home, anywhere in the world, feel a lot more like HOME. But finding these works of art is not easy and they are often too expensive. Wouldn't it be nice if a beautiful, hand-painted, affordable Persian painting was shipped right to your home?

Artist-poet Rose Ghajar, in her collaborations with Mexican artist Santana, offers the perfect balance of beauty and affordability with her collection of Persian paintings. PLUS you will appreciate the convenience of having your painting delivered by mail. (See feature on Rose Ghajar's art in The Iranian)

You can have yours shipped today... here's how you can order in two simple steps:

STEP 1: Ordering

Send us an email at Tell us which of the above paintings you are interested in.

STEP 2: Payment

Make checks (including postage; see below) payable to Radha MacRoberts and send to 10200 D Willow Mist Court, Oakton, VA 22124. Your painting will be shipped as soon as your check is cleared.

Postage & Framing

Postage and handling for all paintings shipped to the U.S. & Canada are $60 per painting and $100 for the rest of the world. You can save $110 per painting if you purchase them unframed. Frames are tinted wood with gold edging inside.