Friday, September 27th 2002 at 8 pm
First Congregational Church
Berkeley, California


Rumi Music Society and 7 Valleys invites audiences to experience the magic and mystery of traditional Persian music this Fall. This program features three important figures in Classical Persian music who will be performing together for the first time. These artists are playing an important role in the evolution of this enchanting music. Parisa, Iran's foremost female vocalists, is a master of the radif or classical Persian repertoire.

This traditional musical style is based on improvisation within a modal structure known as dastgah. The performer's skill rests in the extemporaneous vocal ornamentation of this basic melodic framework. Parisa's innovative approach with soft, contemplative gestures in her voice and mastery of this form has won her a passionate following in Iran and abroad. Parisa has been barred from performing publicly in Iran since 1979, though she has many students and performs frequently on the international stage.

Dariush Talai, Tar, Setar (long-necked lute) is recognized today as one of the finest interpreters of traditional Persian music. Talai is not just a leading exponent but also a philosopher and aesthetician of Persian music. He has invented a system of notation, codifying the concept of the radif, and also added a complete analysis of its syntax and modal structure.

Houman Pourmehdi, Tonbak (goblet drum) has been well known for his diverse abilities as a musician, multi-instrumentalist, and composer. Pourmehdi's deep understanding of the Persian musical heritage and his belief in exploring new territories make him a unique musician. He has played a pivotal part in advancing the Tonbak's role in ensemble work with his distinct style in playing Tonbak. Pourmehdi has won acclaim throughout the world both as a solo artist and as an accompanist for some of the world's most prestigious and renowned artists such as Mohammad Reza Lotfi, Wadada Leo Smith, Rajeev Taranath, John Bergamo, to name a few.

Parisa will sing selected verses from Rumi, Hafez and Sa'adi - Iran's greatest poets of all time. Their program will convey profound spiritual concepts, passion for God the beloved and praising of the beauty of nature. The rich imagery of the words comes alive through Parisa's moving rendition of the poetry.

All tickets $30 Advance, $35 At the door
CBON Ticket Line 925.798.1300
For information call: 510-644-1780

First Congregational Church
Corner of Durant and Dana Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94704