Ahmad Pejman's homage to Ferdosi:

Persian percussive instruments by Bijan Kamkar; produced by
Farhad Zamani; sound engineer Ghasem Abedin; with the
collaboration of the Tehran Choir

Ahmad Pejman's "Rostam" is no doubt one of the greatest Persian musical works of the past two decades. This epic instrumental recreates "The Seven Hurdles of Rostam" (haft khaan-e Rostam) -- the most heroic chapter of Ferdosi's masterpiece, the Shahnameh or Book of Kings.

The album, just released by PBI Records in southern California, includes (click on highlighted samples to hear the track in RealAudio):

- Pslam to the Almighty
- Iranian Forces
- The Jungle of Mazandaran (The Battle of Rakhsh and the Lion)
- The Battle of Rostam and the Dragon
- Rostam and the Birds
- Arjan-e-deev
- The Slaying of the White Deev
- Celebration (Fire)

Pejman's "Rostam" includes a seven-page insert that retells Ferdosi's "Seven Hurdles of Rostam" in English.

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