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This one's for you, George
Oh George, how do I thank you for all the memories?

Nader Jahanfard
December 7, 2005

George Best passed away few days ago and in his honor I wrote a small piece that appeared in This article is very close to my heart and I love to have it on your home page if possible!

George, I know you are up there watching. This one is for you!
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A banner held up by Manchester united fans behind one goal few days ago summed it up preeminent:
"Bobby Moore, George Best - God has one hell of a team now!"
No, I wasn't shocked to hear you go. Disappointed you say?
Yes, very much so. When my wife saw me crying uncontrollably at the news of your untimely departure, she accused me of going through midlife crisis!
Little she knew that I grew up in streets of old down town Tehran living, breathing, acting and impersonating George Best!
George, I know you know me well. Look closely!
I am one of the Millions of boys who grew up in different part of this planet worshipping you.
You didn't have to know my mother-tongue thousand of miles away in order to understand me. You did your communication with me through your silent and awesome moves on the pitch. We spoke a common language. We beamed football!

Every Saturday at 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon, I sat in front of our black and White TV set praying to football gods to get a glimpse of you in that jersey!
And every Saturday afternoon hundreds of kids emptied into the petite and dusty alleys of my old neighborhood to mimic your moves.
George you don't know this but I was even kicked out of school a couple of times because of you!
That damn haircut!
Oh George, how do I thank you for all the memories?
How one does sum something like this up?
Did you see how fans across the world chose to applaud you instead of having a moment of silence in your honor the other day?
Oh boy, what did you do to us?

George, I better finish this up before I get electrocuted with my own keyboard.
The Sunday times wrote; "Thanks for a million magical memories,"
I also saw this headline in a local news paper back in Tehran . It read: Do not compare him with anyone"!
You see what I mean George. We all speak the same tongue now.
We are going to miss you regardless.
I know I will.
I am going to finish my tribute to you with a quote from another star in making, Wayne Rooney. And I quote: ...George was one of the best players in the world, if not the best. I am sure I have a long way to go before I get to those heights, but hopefully one day people will talk about me like that!
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