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Team Melli? Tokhme chapam.
On Iran's elimination from Asia Cup


Yahya Saheli
July 22, 2007

First and foremost I will apologise for the language I am going to use as for the past few days I could not come up with anything more suitable that would convey my true feelings for this bunch of shit that we have had the misfortune of having imposed upon us. The poor poor excuse of humanity called Olaghnoi the head coach and his camp followers and brown nosed hezbullahi yes-men.

This mardikeh olagh and his pastfetrat supporters have done exactly what they set out to do and that is to destroy the Iranian spirit even further.

Akhe mardikeh olag, how do you put that retard midget Khatibi as a forward to deal with tall Korean defenders and opt to supply him with long aerial balls? Are you a complete retard? Does your stupidity have no end? And you take Hashemian out to be replaced by Enayati? I mean what imbecile would do such a thing? Where was Kazemian? Where was Kaebi? Akhe lajbaazi taa che hadd?

I am so annoyed and upset yet relieved that these f**kface bastards screwed up. Enayati, Khatibi, Karimi and all the others who did everything the in the World Cup to destroy Team Melli, the filth that worked so tirelessly against Branko and Daei and others, the haroomzadeh pastfetrat KAZ, BabakT, Hamsafar, Khabalood, Ali CHicago and all the other low life hezbullah-parast bastards finally got what was coming to them.

Remember how they said this is the best team ever and the atmosphere in the camp is brilliant etc etc? And how that Olaghnoi goh and his shit faced and shit arsed staff and supporters were saying everything was going to plan? Well obviously the plan was to get eliminated or else why would he be happy with a weak win over the Uzbeks, a fightback against the Chinese and a crappy 2-0 win against Malaysia who was raped by China and Uzbekistan? He was delighted with those results. It even seems he had no idea that the team could actually play. He was genuinely surprised I guess.

Unfortunately I had to leave at the end of the 90 minutes and did not get to see the extra time and the penalty shoot out, but I am glad these bastards are out. I so wish that they are pelted with rotten tomatoes when they land back in Tehran.

I am relieved that they are shown to be so incompetent in their roles. The whole system has to be destroyed and rebuilt afresh, but unfortunately, with our culture we will not allow that to happen. The state will not allow a proper and an independant football federation to exist as it will be seen as a threat to their authority. Freedom of anything -- including when to shit -- is forbidden by these animals.

Those pastfetrats who supported olaghnoi, those BabakTs, Kazs, khabaloods and hamsafars and their paedophilic and incestuous camp followers have a lot to answer for. I have been toying with an idea of starting a football forum (yes another one) that would be directed to attacking these pieces of swine excrement that we have the misfortune of calling Iranian. That includes a number of so called Team Melli players. Players? Tokhme chapam. But I know that I will not start a forum, it's just a reaction to the shit that I am so frustrated from.

Dear hamvatan, I did apologise in the beginning and I even toned down my vehemence against these shitty arse hairs. If you only knew what my mind was going through this past year, yet I was counting the day for these swine shits to fall flat on their faces into their own faeces. Thank God for the pleasure of having seen it happen.

Hopefully we can try (and I mean try since the government will not allow it) to rebuild and get the system to have a semblence of a professional organisation, but maybe thats too much to ask for." Comment

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