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April 5-April 9, 1999 / Farrvardin 16-20, 1378


* Voices: Siaah Sookhteh


* History: Cool and confident
* Addiction: Vertical horizons
* Opinion: Kosovo
* Cover story: 15 Bedar

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April 9, 1999


Siaah Sookhteh
Prejudice towards Blacks and other non-Europeans

By Shalizeh Nadjmi
April 9, 1999
The Iranian

Boarding my first American subway in Northwest DC, I was warned by our host - my mother's lovely cousin - to be wary of the Black Man. In fact, my second cousin sternly objected to my mother and I sitting anywhere near "them" for they were all armed and short tempered, and would surely hurt us if we got too close.

Fourteen years later, under unforeseen circumstances, I find myself back here in the great Western capital. Yet it seems that after all this time, I have not heeded my cousin's warning. Indeed, like a good Persian girl I did the very opposite: I tasted the forbidden fruit. In the twenty-two years since leaving my mother's womb, I have experienced two significant loves. Both of them have not only been Black, but they have been African, with skin the color of midnight satin. And although both were born in the U.S., each spent his life in his respective motherland, then migrated back to North America. ... GO TO FEATURE

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April 8, 1999


The Shah and a group of air force personnel with their wives.

Cool and confident
Iran's pre-revolution air force

Photos sent by Farhad M. and Pejvak
April 8, 1999
The Iranian

In this feature there are several photos of Iranian air force planes from before the revolution (Imperial Iranian Air Force, IIAF). But in truth, there's only one really interesting photo on this page.

It shows the late Mohammad Reza Shah with a group of air force families. It's from 1955. The Shah looks confident and in control. Why shouldn't he be? Mossadegh has been sent into exile; the opposition has been silenced; the Americans are providing loans and military hardware; the Russians are cooperative... everything seems to be going smoothly. And it shows: ... GO TO FIRST PHOTO

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April 7, 1999


Vertical horizons
"He was no kinder to himself than fate."

Alaleh Kamran
April 7, 1999
The Iranian

The solitude of evening has finally arrived. The staff has left for the evening. The phones are switched over to the answering service. And, for a while, my world has paused. The lights in my office are off. I am staring at the lights that flicker from here to the end of the horizon. Life seems at times suspended here, on the twenty second floor. As the CD changer flips back and forth between Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, Leonard Cohen and Kitaro, I come back to reality only to drift away again. I am tired and my soul hurts. Sometimes, I wish I could take an enormous brush and paint the world with peace and calm.

You see, the life of a criminal defense attorney is saturated with unhappy stories and frequently tragic endings. My client was just raped in a California state prison. We both knew it was bound to happen sooner or later. We just hoped it would be later. Fate wasn't kind to him. He was no kinder to himself than fate ... GO TO FEATURE

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April 6, 1999


Why Kosovo?
Possibility of peaceful resolution tragically being lost

By Majid Tehranian
April 6, 1999
The Iranian

The NATO attack on Yugoslavia has lent itself to many conflicting interpretations. Which of these interpretations is closest to the mark? Is the war essentially a humanitarian operation, as NATO claims, to save Kosovo from ethnic cleansing by the Serbs?

If yes, why doesn't NATO act to deter its own member, Turkey, from its systematic oppression of its Kurdish population? Why were the genocides in Cambodia, Ethiopia, and Rwanda-Burundi ignored?... GO TO FEATURE

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April 5, 1999

Cover story

In every direction
Images of a society that is far from uniform

Photos by Nader Davoodi
March 29, 1999
The Iranian

The list of Nader Davoodi's international and Iranian photo awards is a long one. Take a look at the photos from his third feature in The Iranian and you'll see why: ... GO TO FEATURE

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15 Bedar
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Photos by Jahanshah Javid

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