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December 6-10, 1999 / Azar 15-19, 1378

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December 9, 1999


"If you have Persian-speaking family members and friends, but have just not had the time for formal lessons -- If you HAVE had formal lessons, but, want to supplement that with a little bit of fun to learn phrases, then this site is for you."

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December 8, 1999

* Babak Afshar

"Babak Afshar composed over 600 melodies for singers like Pooran, Vigen, Gougoush, Dariush, Ramesh, Haydeh, Mahasti, and Sattar."

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Decemnber 7, 1999

* Persia Mall

Attractive rofessional site selling books, CDs, flowers... but does this and other sites like it really make serious money?

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Decemnber 6, 1999


The Pop singer's official web site . VERY nicely designed and fun to browse.

Thanks to Pedram Missaghi

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December 3, 1999

Howzeh elmiyeh Qom

Qom gets ready to face the new millennium with bold ideas. Sorry, I meant old ideas.

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