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Tuesday, February 9, 1999/ Bahman 20, 1377, No. 662

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Heavenly children

By Reza Farahani

Majid Majidi's "Children of Heaven" has been nominated for an Oscar as the best foreign film. Here's why it is so deserving (in Persian) ... GO TO FEATURE


    Intelligence minister's resignation letter

    Feb 9, (BBC) - Intelligence Minister Qorban Ali Dorri-Najafabadi submitted his resignation on Monday, following revelations that maverick members of his ministry had been involved in killing dissidents. His resignation was accepted by Iranian President Mohammad Khatami on Tuesday. An edited version of his resignation letter follows ... GO THERE


    Fathers... UNITE!

    There are many efforts to praise good mothers in Iran and many other countries. However, one hears much less about good fathers. Those who are ususally forgotten especially at the presence of a perfect partner, i.e. a good mother. This page is arranged to praise good fathers. In fact I had a good father who left us some years ago and just weeks ago I felt sorry for myself as have not done any thing worthy for his memory...

    I need your help. All of you who feel so lucky to have had a pleasant childhood just because of possion of a good father are welcome to participate in this competition. Yes it is a competition and there will be prizes for the good father of the year or so-called Pedarekhoube saal!

    Amir Fard


    Revolution: 1979-1999

    Troops v. the people

More Letters

* More power to her

Kourosh Ahadpour writes: It is not nice or appropriate to call other Iranians names just because we might not agree with what they do. Angylina is a beautiful Iranian girl who like the majority of Iraninan girls (at least abroad) likes to model. But unlike the others, not only she has the guts (and the assets!) to do it but also announces that she is from Iran. I say more power to her.

* Soupy

dAyi Hamid writes:

Dear Goddess Angylina,

I am as impressed by your letter and your threat to sue The Iranian. I'm very proud to have been born in the same country as a young, intelligent, beautiful, kind girl like you. If this thing was a trick to get more visitors for your adult page, I have to congratulate you, you did it. If it was not, then I have a few questions if you don't mind... FULL TEXT

* History: Lessons from the revolution, Ottawa

"The Iranian Revolution at 20: What are the Lessons?"

An open forum with John Sigler (Department of Political Science), Farhang Rajaee (College of Humanities), Allen Brown (Department of Foreign Affairs).

Date: Wednesday, 10 February
Time: 19:30-21:30
Place: Dunton Tower, Room 2017 (Arts Faculty Lounge).
Information: 727-2768 or

Sponsored by the Middle East Discussion Group Carleton University, Ottawa.

Book of the Week

Women Without Men
A novella

By Shahrnush Parsipur

(Kamran Talattof Jocelyn Sharlet, translators)

The significance of Parsipur's work transcends the realm of literary activities. Her works were among the first feminist-conscious enunciations that appeal in the postrevolutionary period in response to limitations imposed on women by the state ideology... The following stories [reflect] the role that the rise of feminist-consciousness may play in the course of cultural change in Iran." -- Introductuon

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Khatami ousts security chief

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Moderate President Mohammad Khatami took a major step Tuesday to extend his authority over Iran's powerful secret police, after a string of dissident murders threw his conservative rivals on the defensive. Tehran state television reported Khatami had officially accepted the resignation of Intelligence Minister Qorbanali Dorri Najafabadi, responsible for both internal security and foreign espionage ... FULL TEXT

Oscar nomination helps Iran movies

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) -- Although Iranian films have won awards at international festivals for years, Tuesday's Oscar nomination for ``Children of Heaven' is a first for a movie from the Islamic Republic. Despite strict government rules for filmmakers, Iranian films have won praise for their frank portrayal of social issues in Iran's restrictive society ... FULL TEXT

Radical reformers found new left-wing party

TEHRAN, Feb 9 (AFP) - Left-wing supporters of reformist Iranian President Mohammad Khatami announced the formation of a new party Tuesday ahead of the country's first ever local elections. The left-wing minority in Iran's conservative-dominated parliament said they were forming the Islamic Labour Party to encourage political participation by the working class ... FULL TEXT

MPs challenge UK's warmer relations with Iran

LONDON, Feb 9 (Reuters) - Britain's efforts to forge closer diplomatic and commercial ties with Iran were condemned on Tuesday by a majority of members of parliament who asked the government to reconsider its stance. Leaders of the 330 strong cross-party group of MPs who signed the statement said Britain should not have changed its policy towards Iran until there was clear evidence of greater freedom of expression and human rights ... FULL TEXT

Iran says seeking $1.5 billion in foreign credit

TEHRAN, Feb 9 (Reuters) - Iran hopes to receive another $1.5 billion in external credit after rescheduling $2 billion of its foreign debt, Central Bank Governor Mohsen Nourbakhsh said in remarks published on Tuesday. ``We are negotiating with our trade partners for a credit of between $1 to 1.5 billion allowed under our current budget... This will greatly help in paying back our foreign obligations,'' said Nourbakhsh, quoted by the daily Hamshahri ... FULL TEXT

Four new players invited

Tehran (Hamshahri) - Four new players have been asked to join the national soccer team as they prepare to take part in friendly matches in Kuwait ... IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN

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The long history of intelligence systems in the world and the short history of it in our country - which should be a lesson to us - show that senior officials in executive positions are in grave need of an experienced elite that... can express bitter truths better. They should be realistic and look to the future instead of deceiving the decision-makers. They should warn of the dangers of the schemes, policies and decisions and the crude and hasty actions of various institutions...

Intelligence Minister Qorban Ali Dorri-Najafabadi
Resignation letter
February 9, 1999

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