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Thursday, February 11, 1999/ Bahman 22, 1377, No. 664

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Twenty years after
In Azadi Square on the 20th anniversary of the revolution

    By Laleh Khalili

    Twenty years ago, I remember we all defied Shah's nightly curfews to climb on top of the roofs and sing revolutionary songs and give revolutionary slogans. Twenty years have now passed, the new generation is constantly scolded for its short memory and for its infidelity to the grand values of the revolution -above them all martyrdom- and reflections on the political character of the revolution and the post-revolution society have echoed more loudly outside the borders of Iran than within.

    So, today, I wanted to see whether the celebrations in Tehran matched the foreign expectations. I dragged my cousin -who at 18 years old has never attended any demonstrations- along with me towards the Azadi (Freedom) Square, the imposing background of all patriotic and revolutionary demonstrations ... GO TO FEATURE


Khatami insists revolution remains strong despite economic woes

TEHRAN, Feb 11 (AFP) - The Islamic revolution remains strong despite Iran's economic woes, moderate President Mohammad Khatami insisted Thursday in his keynote speech marking the 20th anniversary of the overthrow of the shah.

"Despite all the difficulties, the economic sanctions and the war of attrition launched against our country, the Islamic revolution -- one of the century's great events -- is entering its period of stabilization," he told hundreds of thousands of Iranians gathered in one of the capital's main squares ... FULL TEXT

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* Church and state don't mix writes: What you said [about an Islamic republic and democracy] is perhaps one of the most ignorant and contradictary things I have heard in my lifetime. Democracy is based on the concept of equality and freedom, freedom of religon, speech, press etc. None of these freedoms exist in Iran's government. Forcing everyone to go by the laws of Islam is religious dictatorship. As an atheist, I have nothing against Islam or any other religon, or anyone practicing it, as long as they don't impose it on others ... FULL TEXT

* Film: Iranian film festival in Houston

The series offers three powerful feature films from the quality cinema made by veteran directors Mehrjui and Panahi and by newcomer Parviz Shahbazi. It also features a remarkable full-length documentary co-directed by an Iranian anthropologist and a well-known British filmmaker. Together, these films offer affectionate and devastating glimpses of contemporary life in Iran... MORE DETAILS

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Women Without Men
A novella

By Shahrnush Parsipur

(Kamran Talattof Jocelyn Sharlet, translators)

The significance of Parsipur's work transcends the realm of literary activities. Her works were among the first feminist-conscious enunciations that appeal in the postrevolutionary period in response to limitations imposed on women by the state ideology... The following stories [reflect] the role that the rise of feminist-consciousness may play in the course of cultural change in Iran." -- Introductuon

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Party's over, Tehran faces testing times ahead

TEHRAN, Feb 11 (AFP) - The climax of 10 days of lavish 20th birthday celebrations Thursday highlighted the durability of Iran's Islamic regime, but daunting challenges remain to be tackled if this durability is to give way to real stability. The mass rallies attended by hundreds of thousands of Iranians in cities across the country displayed the regime's continuing ability to mobilize large numbers of the population 20 years after the revolution. But the Iranian press grows daily bolder and more open in expressing concern about the declining living standards and mounting disenchantment of ordinary people ... FULL TEXT

Ayatollah Azari Qomi dies

Feb 11, (BBC) - Reports from Tehran say that a prominent member of the Iranian clergy, Ayatollah Ahmad Azari Qomi, has died of a stroke, at the age of seventy four. Ayatollah Azari Qomi was a leading theologian who served as a revolutionary prosecutor after the overthrow of the monarchy in 1979. He supported the conservative faction and backed the formalisation of theocratic rule. But, correspondents say Ayatollah Azari Qomi recently came under attack from the conservatives after he criticised -- in an open letter -- the leadership of Ayatollah Ali Khamanei.

Arafat congratulates Iran on anniversary of revolution

GAZA CITY, Feb 11 (AFP) - Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat on Thursday sent messages congratulating Iranians on the 20th anniversary of the Islamic revolution which toppled the Shah, the Palestinian news agency reported. Arafat sent one message to President Mohammed Khatami and a second to former president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, Wafa reported ... FULL TEXT

U.S.-Iran exchanges sensitive to political climate

WASHINGTON, Feb 11 (Reuters) - Little by little, especially after Iranians elected Mohammed Khatami as president in 1997, sportsmen, academics and tourists are trying to bridge the gap that still exists between political leaders in Tehran and Washington. And Iranians, in smaller numbers and with greater hesitation, are coming the other way despite a risk that on their return they may run into trouble with the Iranian authorities ... FULL TEXT

Israel says Iran exaggerating missile capability

JERUSALEM, Feb 11 (Reuters) - Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Arens said on Thursday Iran was experiencing problems with its missile programme and had made exaggerated statements about its capability. But Arens said with more help from Russia and other countries, Iran's long range surface-to-surface missiles would become operational ... FULL TEXT

* Iran, Oman promote links in water, electricity

ABU DHABI (Feb. 11) XINHUA - The Sultanate of Oman and the Islamic Republic of Iran are taking steps to promote links in water and electricity, a Gulf News report said on Thursday. Sheikh Al Qatabi, Omani Minister of Electricity and Water, revealed this on Wednesday on his return from a three-day visit to Iran during which a memorandum of understanding was signed, the report said ... FULL TEXT

Khatami underlines commitment to women's sports

TEHRAN, Feb 10 (AFP) - Iranian President Mohammad Khatami inaugurated a vast new sports complex for women and children on Wednesday, as part of his reformist government's commitment to get women out of the home. "Iranian society is more than ever in need of vitality," said Khatami, whose election victory in 1997 was mainly due to the votes of women and youngsters ... FULL TEXT

Persepolis and Esteqlal in next round

Tehran (Hamshahri) - Persepolis and Esteqlal win their games in the latest round of the Hazfi (?) Cup ... IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN

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Last night, when at 7 o'clock, people were invited to their roofs to chant "Allah-o-Akbar," I opened the windows to a silent darkness.

Laleh Khalili
"Twenty years after"
The Iranian
February 11, 1999

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