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Monday, February 22, 1999/ Esfand 3, 1377, No. 671

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Cover story

The self-made king
With a little help from the British

    The following excerpt and photos are from Cyrus Ghani's Iran and the Rise of Reza Shah, (1998 I.B. Tauris Publishers):

    Little is known about Reza Khan prior to the coup [of 21 February 1921]. He was born in the village of Alasht in the region of Savad Kouh in the province of Mazandaran. Alasht was an isolated village some 6,000 feet above sea level and at the turn of the century its population did not exceed 1,000 ... GO TO FEATURE


Burying Khomeini

By Fouad Ajami
The New York Times
Feb 21, 1999

[Ayatollah Khomeini] died unapologetic in 1989 and was buried in the desert south of Teheran, by the martyrs' cemetery -- with ''the fountain of blood,'' which once spouted purple-dyed water -- where tens of thousands of his ''revolutionary children'' who perished in the senseless carnage of the Iran-Iraq war are laid to rest. Nowadays, travelers who venture into Khomeini's domain tell us that the revolution has aged, that the things and the ways of the West clutter the place, that poverty and disillusion have set in, that the spell has been broken. Deep down, the Ayatollah must have known that it would come to that. He had never trusted his people to begin with. The high walls he erected were owed to the knowledge that Iran had always been easily seduced by people and things beyond ... FULL TEXT


aaaand... ACTION!

ACTOR WANTED: Iranian-American male, mid-twenties, no experience needed! Must speak Persian, ready and willing to come to Iran in April for two months to play leading role in a professional feature film to be made entirely in Iran by an Iranian-American for world wide showing.

** Not political or religous in nature **

Please email and "cc" to

Ramin Bahrani

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* Get off your butt

C. Safdari writes: Iranians talk of democracy as if it is some sort of state of bliss or Nirvana which may one day be achieved [1979 survey]... democracy is marked by strife and squable and power-plays and intrigue and jostling - much like things are now, it is not a state of peaceful bliss, and it doesn't improve on its own. Iranians would do better to stop waiting for the perfect regime to be handed to us on a platter, and stop arguing over the past and the "what if's" - instead get up and make the necessary sacrifices and put in the effort and the time to do something constructive ... FULL TEXT

* Conference: Media's Representation of Iranians, DC

Iranians for International Cooperation (IIC) presents:

Conference: "Mass Media's Representation of Iranians"

Washington DC, March 6

Featured speaker: Dr. Yahya R. Kamalipour, professor of Mass and International Communications and director of graduate studies at the Department of Communication and Creative Arts, Purdue University Calumet ... MORE DETAILS

Book of the Week

House of Sand and Fog

By Andre Dubus

Dubus tells his tragic tale from the viewpoints of the two main adversaries, [Amir] Behrani [, a former colonel in the Iranian military under the Shah,] and Kathy [Nicolo, a self-destructive alcoholic.] To both of them, the house represents something more than just a place to live. For the colonel, it is a foot in the door of the American Dream; for Kathy, a reminder of a kinder, gentler past. In prose that is simple yet evocative The House of Sand and Fog builds to its inevitable denouement, one that is painfully dark but unfailingly honest. -- Alix Wilber,

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More news

Moderate candidates barred from Iran election

Tehran, Feb 22, (BBC) - The first nationwide local elections in Iran have been thrown into confusion just days before the polls after a conservative-controlled supervisory board barred several moderate candidates from standing. The candidates include the former Interior Minister Abdullah Nouri, the student leader Ebrahim Asgharzadeh and an adviser to the president ... FULL TEXT

Iran's reformers campaign for ``Islam of love''

TEHRAN, Feb 21 (Reuters) - President Mohammad Khatami's reformist allies kicked off their campaign for Iran's first nationwide local council elections with demands for ``an Islam of love'' that would break the grip of the conservative clerical establishment. Former Khatami interior minister Abdollah Nouri, who heads the biggest pro-reform ticket, told a campaign rally on Saturday that his coalition rejected conservatives' attempts to hold on to power by distorting the meaning and application of Islam ... FULL TEXT

Four more arrests in dissident deaths

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) -- Iranian authorities have arrested four more suspects in the deaths of five dissidents, a military prosecutor said today. The prosecutor, Mohammad Niyazi, told Tehran radio that one of the suspects was a businessman who fled to Turkey but was brought back with the help of Turkish authorities ... FULL TEXT

Carter's son refused Iran visa

Saturday, February 20, 1999, TEHRAN, Iran (AP) -- Iran has refused a visa to the son of former President Jimmy Carter, who broke diplomatic ties with Iran in 1979, the official Islamic Republic News Agency reported today. The agency quoted an unnamed source as saying that James E. ``Chip'' Carter III, who was to lead a group of Americans to Iran in May, was refused a visa because of his ``past record.'' It did not elaborate ... FULL TEXT

Iran blames Iraq for killing of senior cleric

TEHRAN, Iran (Reuters) - Iran blamed Iraq Sunday for the assassination of a leading Iraqi Shi'ite Muslim cleric and his two sons, saying the murders were part of a systematic campaign of repression against the country's Shi'ite community. Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei issued a statement condemning the killings of Ayatollah Mohammad Sadeq al-Sadr and his sons Friday, the second attack on senior Shi'ite clerics in Iraq this year ... FULL TEXT

Iran secures $900 mln loan for gasfield-MEES

NICOSIA, Feb 22 (Reuters) - The National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) is understood to have secured a loan worth some $900 million to develop Iran's huge offshore South Pars gasfield, the Middle East Economic Survey (MEES) reported on Monday. The Cyprus-based newsletter said the pre-financing deal for the first-phase development will use crude from Iran's new Sirri A and E fields as collateral for the credit facility arranged by France's Credit Agricole ... FULL TEXT

Financing search delays Iran Caspian pipeline deal

DUBAI, Feb 22 (Reuters) - A deal to build a $347 million Caspian Sea oil pipeline through Iran has been delayed by a tough search for consortium partners who can deliver financing, an Iranian oil official said on Monday. Iranian project management firm MAPNA was still seeking consortium partners in Europe and had not ruled out two state-owned Chinese companies to help construct the pipeline to Iran's northern refineries, the oil official told Reuters ... FULL TEXT

New weightlifting record

Tehran (Iran daily) - Shahin Nasiri-nia has set a new Asian weightlifting record ... IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN

Think about a new goalie

Tehran (Iran daily) - After the soccer games in Kuwait, one thing became clear: Iran needs a new goalie ... IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN

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The dollar now offered at up to 820-830 tomans

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The (uesless) art of whining

Put your money where your mouth is, go back to Iran, deal with the daily frustrations, teach a course, invest some money, build a road, translate a textbook, write a computer program, take responsibility - that is how things get done. Whining, bickering, self-pity, nostalgia, trading 20-year old jokes, and a longing for American validation or another revolution to come along while sitting in L.A.- they don't help anything or anyone.

C. Safdari
Letter to The Iranian
February 22, 1999

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