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What's that smell?
This was the smell of America. But what was it?

    By Shahriar Zahedi
    February 23, 1999
    The Iranian

    It was August 25, 1975. The Iran Air jumbo jet landed at New York's JFK airport, and I set foot on American soil. Wearing a three-piece suit custom made by some tailor in Laleh-Zar, I must have looked pretty third world-ish, but I didn't care. Heck, I didn't even know our worlds were numbered like that! Upon entering the immigration and customs area on that hot and muggy day, a strange odor hit my hypersensitive nose.

    "Wow! What's that smell?" I asked myself (in Farsi) ... GO TO FEATURE


Bijan Davari's new IBM chip packs power, memory

By Kevin Maney

IBM will unveil Monday a breakthrough system-on-a-chip technology that could, in about three years, put the power of five of today's desktop computers into a cellular phone.

The technology for the first time takes a high-performance processor and adds as much memory as is in three to four PCs and puts it all on a single silicon chip. The development creates a powerful computer in a thumbnail-size package.

The chips are expected to be used in products such as cell phones and hand-held computers, making it possible for the devices to be much more powerful a couple of generations sooner. "You could have enough memory to store voice-mail messages right on the cell phone," Hutcheson says. Palm-size computers could finally have enough power to handle voice recognition, says Bijan Davari, the IBM fellow who led the chip's development ... FULL TEX

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Male & female stages of life


17 Beer
25 Bourbon
35 Vodka
48 Double vodka
66 Maalox


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More Letters

* Shock therapy

Mojgan Namvar writes: Iraj Mirza was one of very few people in Iran (even to this day) who could see beyond the dark shadow of beliefs that had been forced upon our people for generations. He's talking about "ignorance", he's asking people to resist temptations with an open mind and not for fear. He even tried to shock people with his use of explicit words, to disclose one of the most degrading symbols of ignorance in his society.

I have to admit, even though I had read this poem 20 years ago in Iran, seeing the words written in farsi on my monitor still shocked me, but how can you not see beyond that? How can you not keep on reading?

I'm sorry for the people who read this poem and didn't feel respect for such a great mind. His, was the voice of reason. Not many brave souls (even in a country known for its heroes) ever came out and made their points the way Iraj Mirza did in this humorous / controversial work.

* It's rape

Sudabeh writes: Poets and good writers have always been ahead of members of their society and in this case, Iraj Mirza might have opened some eyes. But I am sure it has not be very effective. His poem is very old to me and I personally have not met any woman with the mentality he describes.

Whatever the writer's purpose was, even if 10% represented reality, I have to say that was the description of rape. It was rape and nothing else ... FULL TEXT

* Noruz: Party at UCLA

How are you going to celebrate Norouz this year???

We have a suggestion for you: Come to the Iranian Students Group Annual Norouz Celebration at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

WHEN: Saturday, March 6th, 1999
WHERE: Ackerman Grand Ballroom (on the UCLA campus)
TICKET PRICE: FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't miss one of the biggest cultural shows at UCLA. Space is call as soon as possible to reserve your tickets @ (310) 825-1845. You can also e-mail us at

We hope to see you there.

Book of the Week

House of Sand and Fog

By Andre Dubus

Dubus tells his tragic tale from the viewpoints of the two main adversaries, [Amir] Behrani [, a former colonel in the Iranian military under the Shah,] and Kathy [Nicolo, a self-destructive alcoholic.] To both of them, the house represents something more than just a place to live. For the colonel, it is a foot in the door of the American Dream; for Kathy, a reminder of a kinder, gentler past. In prose that is simple yet evocative The House of Sand and Fog builds to its inevitable denouement, one that is painfully dark but unfailingly honest. -- Alix Wilber,

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More news

Threat to cancel Tehran's city council elections

Tehran, feb. 23, irna -- the head of the central superintendence board of council elections, ali mowahedi savoji said here tuesday night that "if the interior ministry does not take appropriate measure to remove the names of 12 disqualified candidates from the election list currently at the polling posts in tehran, the board will announce the election process in the megapolis null and void." ... FULL TEXT

Leading Iranian reform candidate says disqualification illegal

TEHRAN, Feb 23 (AFP) - The leading reformer running in Tehran's landmark municipal polls said Tuesday that his disqualification by the conservative-dominated election Supervision Council was illegal. Both the interior ministry and a conciliation committee have declared the removal from the ballot of 12 reform candidates led by Vice President Abdollah Nuri to be "illegal and baseless," said Nuri, who is close to moderate President Mohammad Khatami ... FULL TEXT... also see ... IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN

Four more arrests in dissident deaths

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) -- Iranian authorities have arrested four more suspects in the deaths of five dissidents, a military prosecutor said today. The prosecutor, Mohammad Niyazi, told Tehran radio that one of the suspects was a businessman who fled to Turkey but was brought back with the help of Turkish authorities ... FULL TEXT

Conservatives maintain hold on key electoral council

TEHRAN, Feb 23 (AFP) - Iran's conservatives demonstrated their continuing stranglehold on one of the Islamic Republic's key institutions Tuesday with the reelection of conservative cleric Ali Meshkini to the chairmanship of the Council of Experts. Meshkini, 74, was reelected by 66 votes out of 85 at the council's first full session since nationwide elections last October, the official news agency IRNA reported ... FULL TEXT

Four hurt as protestors attack Iraqi embassy in Tehran

TEHRAN, Feb 23 (AFP) - Iraqi security guards fired shots in the air and four people were injured as hundreds of Iraqi opponents of President Saddam Hussein attacked the Iraqi embassy here Tuesday, Iraqi opposition sources said. Some 1,000 protestors threw stones at the mission and tried to scale the surrounding walls and get inside, members of the Tehran-based Iraqi opposition group, the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI), said ... FULL TEXT

Pro-Ocalan demonstrations turn violent in Iran

TEHRAN, Feb 23 (Reuters) - Demonstrations in Iran in support of captured Kurdish guerrilla leader Abdullah Ocalan turned to violence on Monday with protesters attacking government buildings and burning cars, Iranian newspapers said on Tuesday. In Iran's biggest Kurdish town, Sanandaj, police fired shots in the air to disperse demonstrators who had gathered in violation of the governor's orders, the newspaper Arya reported ... FULL TEXT

Khatami to visit Saudi Arabia soon

TEHRAN, Feb 23 (Reuters) - Iranian President Mohammad Khatami is due to travel to Saudi Arabia some time in late March or in April, Iran's state television said on Tuesday. It said the president would visit Saudi Arabia either during the annual Haj pilgrimage, to start in late March, ``or a little after.'' ... FULL TEXT

Winner of Berlin film festival

Tehran (Iran daily) - Kamal Tabrizi's "Mehr-e Maadar" (Mother's love) has won the best film award from a children's film festival in Berlin ... IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN

Ancient gold chalice to go on display

Tehran (Iran daily) - A 3,200-year-old gold chalice, one of the many spectacular finds from the Hassanlou region, will go on public display for the first time beginning March 3 ... IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN

Esteqlal v. al-Hilal

Tehran (Iran daily) - Esteqlal players arrived in the UAE for their upcoming match against Saudi Arabia's al-Hilal in the latest round of the Asian cup winners cup ... IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN

Rising star: Edmund Bazik

Tehran (Iran daily) - Edmund Bazik, the young armenian striker playing for Persepolis, is getting more attention for being a prolific goal scorer. But he has not yet been invited to the national team ... IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN

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